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Sustainable, eco-friendly cork yoga mats - Regeneration Yoga review

I have been using this gorgeous cork mat from local North East business, Regeneration Yoga, for just over a month now.

I was first drawn to this mat because of the companies ethos and the fact that the mats are 100% biodegradable. The materials used in the mats are ethically sourced and it is Regeneration Yoga's mission to minimise any possible environmental footprint (the mat also arrived in non plastic packaging which was an added bonus!).

Safe alignment is super important to me, both when I'm practising and when I'm teaching. So, I chose the alignment cork mat. The design is so sleek and simple and I'm finding it really helpful to quickly glance down and check my alignment during practice. The cork itself is very soft and grippy and there is just enough cushioning to support joints. Weighing 3.2 kg, the mat is light enough to carry around from studio to studio, but heavy enough that the sides don't curl over and the mat stays put - which is extremely important if you don't want to spend half your practice readjusting your mat! I could not recommend this mat more and I'm so excited to see what products Regeneration Yoga release in the future.

If you'd like more information on Regeneration Yoga, check out their website here.

For 20% off products, use code POPPY20 at checkout.


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